Harper is the majestic ONE!

I cannot believe my sweet baby girl turned ONE over a month ago! Planning her celebration was definitely a labor of love! I knew I wanted her to have a Bohemian themed pool party. After deciding her theme, I reached out to my dream team to bring her party theme to life! My friend, Elisha, is an amazing photoshoot set and party decorator. She made it happen! You can find her on instagram and Facebook @thephotooshop. She partnered with Confetti Events Texas for the adorable pallet picnic table. They can be found on Facebook: Confetti Events Tx and Instagram: confetti_events_tx. And Southern Drawl Cakes provided the cakes and cookies. Everything was super yummy and Harper loved both! They can be found on Instagram: @southerndrawlcakes. And last but not least my dear friend Jenni Rae captured every single moment beautifully. Now we can cherish this special day forever. My sweet baby wore this cute romper during her special day.

Little Miss Harper Lake & Me

Oh happy day! I am so happy to be back and sharing all of my tips and findings with you all! As most of you know, I now have an 8 week old daughter named Harper Lake. The past year has been so hectic and I have not been able to update you all on my Fashion or my lifestyle tips in a long time. But good news is that I am back!

I got tons of messages about stomach creams I was using during my pregnancy and how I managed my weight gain. So here goes!

So as soon as I found out I was pregnant I purchased Bio oil , Cocoa Butter , and Almond Oil . The key is start using the oils regularly before your skin begins to stretch. So if you begin using the oils a solid 3 months (the first trimester) then it will build up elasticity in your skin and prevent stretch marks and it will help you bounce back to your original size quicker also. I used the oils sometimes, 3 or more times a day and I always used them first thing in the morning and before I went to bed. Anytime, I felt like my skin was stretching or itching I would apply the oils. I would apply a generous amount of almond oil and bio-oil in my palm and rub them over any area that was at risk for stretching. Then I would apply the Cocoa Butter last. You can imagine how many times my husband and I changed our bed sheets! For me oils worked better than creams because I needed something heavier and that would soak into my skin better.

Another tip that helped me prevent stretch marks was drinking tons of water. I would fill up my 30 oz RTIC Tumbler 3 to 4 times a day and made sure I stayed extremely hydrated. That also helped to keep my skin from becoming dry and itchy.

The final tip is food portion control. I would eat 5 small portions a day and that helped to space the weight gain out. Plus I could not eat large portions because Harper was pressing on my stomach and the larger she got the smaller my stomach became. Even if I wanted to eat more, I could not because it would cause severe pain from my stomach stretching.

I hope this helps all of you that are currently pregnant or soon to become pregnant.


Heather Dior

Hello Summer

It’s officially summer so you know the white jeans, off the shoulder top, and open toe booties were the first things to come out! Although, I do wear white jeans year around because I have never been a Fashion rule follower. All details below. Have a blessed week.

My top is old: Similar one here


My booties sold out: Similar ones here

Roses are Red

I fell in love with this outfit the moment I saw it. From the colors to all of the unique details. Everything immediately spoke to me.

Details here: top


Twirls and Curls

Wore this dress on Easter and got so many compliments. I can’t believe I got it on sale for only $30. Unfortunately, this one is out of stock but I have linked some similar options. I have linked my sandals too.

Option 1 Dress

Option 2 Dress

Caged Sandal

Valentine’s Day Look

Valentine’s Day is here and this is the perfect look, whether you are heading out with friends or that special someone.

Below are the links for this outfit.

Outfit details:

Recommend ordering a size down for this dress


Similar shoe option here 



Birthday Behavior

Hey lovelies!!! I wore this red jumpsuit for my birthday dinner last night but unfortunately it is sold out now. I have linked two similar options below and when this one is restocked I will let you all know. Love you guys! 🙂

1st similar option here

2nd similar option here

Walking into my Birthday Heather Dior Style

It’s my birthday and for everyone that knows me, they know that I loooove birthdays! This shirt is just so perfect because it is a great day to night option for any birthday girl. Wear it to work with a blazer on top and then after work head on out with your special someone or girlfriends and let the night take you where it may!

Click here for top details.