About Me

My name is Heather Dior and yes my middle name is really Dior. My Mother always had a love for Fashion and loved that name. I am a wife, a dog mom, and a step mom. I have always loved Fashion and I truly mean I have a love story with Fashion.

Ever since I can remember, Fashion has always been a part of me. My girlfriends, coworkers, and just random people that I meet have always asked me where I got my outfit? Who does my hair? Are you a stylist? What should I wear to this event? Does this match? So I started thinking to myself, there has to be something to this. That’s when I decided to become a stylist and create Heather Dior Style. Heather Dior Style is literally all about my style. Whether it is about Fashion, interior design, beauty, or cool restaurants I love! It’s just one big melting pot of all my different styles of life! I love life and everything it has to offer and I want to share that with other women.

But, I do not want this to be just about me, please share your ideas about fashion, interior design, your beauty secrets, your latest restaurant choice etc. We as women can learn so much from one another and I want this to be a place for women empowerment not competition.

Thank you for viewing Heather Dior Style and I cannot wait to learn and be inspired by all of you wonderful women.


Heather Dior