Little Miss Harper Lake & Me

Oh happy day! I am so happy to be back and sharing all of my tips and findings with you all! As most of you know, I now have an 8 week old daughter named Harper Lake. The past year has been so hectic and I have not been able to update you all on my Fashion or my lifestyle tips in a long time. But good news is that I am back!

I got tons of messages about stomach creams I was using during my pregnancy and how I managed my weight gain. So here goes!

So as soon as I found out I was pregnant I purchased Bio oil , Cocoa Butter , and Almond Oil . The key is start using the oils regularly before your skin begins to stretch. So if you begin using the oils a solid 3 months (the first trimester) then it will build up elasticity in your skin and prevent stretch marks and it will help you bounce back to your original size quicker also. I used the oils sometimes, 3 or more times a day and I always used them first thing in the morning and before I went to bed. Anytime, I felt like my skin was stretching or itching I would apply the oils. I would apply a generous amount of almond oil and bio-oil in my palm and rub them over any area that was at risk for stretching. Then I would apply the Cocoa Butter last. You can imagine how many times my husband and I changed our bed sheets! For me oils worked better than creams because I needed something heavier and that would soak into my skin better.

Another tip that helped me prevent stretch marks was drinking tons of water. I would fill up my 30 oz RTIC Tumbler 3 to 4 times a day and made sure I stayed extremely hydrated. That also helped to keep my skin from becoming dry and itchy.

The final tip is food portion control. I would eat 5 small portions a day and that helped to space the weight gain out. Plus I could not eat large portions because Harper was pressing on my stomach and the larger she got the smaller my stomach became. Even if I wanted to eat more, I could not because it would cause severe pain from my stomach stretching.

I hope this helps all of you that are currently pregnant or soon to become pregnant.


Heather Dior

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